Sex helps with relieving stress

There are many studies, that link sexual arousal and stress, but in a good sense. Couples, that have sex more than 4 times a week are happier than those, who do not. Humans are also more relaxed and happy the more they sexually interact with other humans. It does have some point, because if you think about it, we all feel a little bit down from time to time, but a quick technique from our lover might do the job even better than antidepressants. Now that is some magic. However, you can’t really be the part of this happy chain, once you are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction syndrome.

The happiness is the pinnacle of human existence

Utilitarists would surely agree, since the happiness of a human being is above all. The happiness, in our case, is when you can finally once again embrace your lover without feeling afraid of utter failure. Tadacip 20 mg is one of those pills that might help you achieve that. You just pop one pill a day and you watch the results. Researchers say, that you should have sex 4 times a week, right? You should start as soon as you can, otherwise you never catch up.